What is a Community Fish?

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What is a Community Fish?

We've all heard this phrase used before, and if you are new to the hobby its likely that you've seen it written on fish cards in stores by now. But what does the term "community fish" actually mean?

The term community fish refers to a group of fish species that can coexist peacefully with other fish species in an aquarium. These fish are generally peaceful and do not display aggression towards other fish.

Some popular examples of community fish include Honey Gourami, White Cloud Mountain Minnow and Pictus Catfish.

Pictus Catfish

There are still some compatibility issues to be taken into account with community fish. Whether they are likely to breed is one, and size is another. It is never a good idea to house larger fish with very small fish - anything they could fit in their mouth will likely get eaten - even if they are described as a community fish.

If in doubt, check the compatibility information on the fact sheet or description of each fish, or consult a varied selection of sources on the internet for advice.

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