Does my pet reptile sneeze too much?

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Does my pet reptile sneeze too much?

A question we get asked quite frequently is whether your pet reptile has a health issue because it sneezes a lot. Why is my reptile sneezing so much?

Well, relax. Reptiles sneeze to clear their nostrils of salt-laden fluid. Most species, especially all the sea-going species and most lizards, have some sort of salt gland that extracts excess salt from the body. Its not usually the sign of a serious reptilian health issue unless you notice sores or redness around the nostrils.

When this gland is full and overflowing with concentrated brine, the reptile sneezes to clear out the brine. Be reassured health wise, if your pet lizard is sneezing, it usually means things are okay in the salt gland area.

The accumulated 'brine' for want of a better word, is what causes the inside of a glass tank occupied by reptiles (especially iguanas) to get a bit cloudy-looking. Its from the clearing of reptile snot.

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