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SuperFish Spawning Cone Angelfish & Discus Breeding

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SuperFish Spawning Cone Angelfish & Discus Breeding

The Superfish Spawning Cone is suitable for breeding Angelfish and Discus and is designed with a stable shape and an egg collecting rim round the bottom.

The shape of the cone is designed to remain stable even during the most intensive spawning activity.
The female fish lays the eggs on the cone and the male inseminates them. After the eggs hatch the larvae remain on the cone for a few more days.

The rough surface of baked clay ensures the eggs or larvae adhere well, but should these eggs or larvae fall down then the egg collecting edge will catch them so the parents can pick them up to take care of them.

Place the cone in the tank so that breeding couples can easily swim all the way round and make sure it is standing firm and stable on the tank bed.
After each use disinfect with chlorine and rinse well with clean tap water.

Dimensions: 18cm high x 9cm round the base (approx.)

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