JAD Net Breeder Hatchery NB-3201

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JAD Net Breeder Hatchery Single NB-3201

An essential tool for fish keepers with expanding stock, our nylon fish tank net breeders are ideal for separating and protecting newly born fish eggs and fry from hungry mothers or aggressive fish.

The same principle can be applied for segregating fry while they mature to a size safe to release into the aquarium. Our range of net breeders and hatcheries are also suitable for quarantining contagious or injured inhabitants, and isolating aggressive fish.

Dimensions: 160 x 140 x 140 mm
Material: Plastic frame, nylon net.
Supplied with suction cups for attaching to aquarium walls.

Great for segregating pregnant fish
Prevents baby fish fry from being eaten
Easy to assemble and maintain
Nylon net breeder

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