Snakehead Channa Andrao

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Channa Andrao

C. Andrao are snakehead native to the Brahmaputra River basin in northeastern India. A dwarf variety of snakeheads, Channa Andrao will only grow to length of around 10-12cm.

Snakeheads are able to breath atmospheric air, and will often surface to take a gulp. In general Channa are best-maintained in species-only aquarium, although C. andrao can be kept in a carefully selected community arrangement alongside peaceful, non-territorial fish.

Channa Andrao prefer a dimly-lit aquarium with a layer of surface vegetation and leaf litter. It is important to use a tightly-fitting hood since Channa Andrao are notorious for their ability to escape. It is recommended that Channa Andrao are provided with natural seasonal variation in the form of defined winter and summer periods by lowering and increasing tank temperature. 

How big do Channa Andrao Snakeheads get?
Channa Andrao snakeheads are dwarf varieties and will grow to a length of around 12cms / 120mm, 4-5" inches.

Are Channa Andrao Snakeheads aggressive?
Channa Andrao snakeheads are not generally aggressive, although males kept togther may be combative towards eachother as they reach sexual maturity. You can keep them happily in community aquaria with similar-size tankmates, but avoid anything they can fit in their mouths.

Approx. supplied size: 2-4" / 5-10cm (varies)
Maximum size: 4-5" / 12cm
Origin: Northeast India
Temperament: Generally peaceful
Lighting requirement: Low/Dim
Ideal number kept together: 1+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 23°C
Ideal pH: 6.0–8.0
Hardness: 36-357ppm
Water flow: low to moderate
Ideal temperature: 16-28°C

Ease of care
Moderate. Air breathers - ensure there is a gap between the water surface and lid. They tend to be jumpers, so ensure the aquarium lid is secure.

Channa Andrao are compatible with non-aggressive community fish of a similar size. Take care not to house with very small fish once fully grown, as they will eat whatever fits in their mouth.

Special attention must be paid to their diet. Avoid feeding meaty, fatty foods such as beef heart favoured by the larger varieties. They may struggle to process the fat, which can lead to issues. Instead, feed a diet rich in frozen bloodworm, mussels, and shrimp, and supplement with live feeder shrimp and occasional dried food. Do not offer dried feed as a staple however. Adults do not require feeding daily, every 2-3 days is sufficient.


Mouthbrooders, bred readily in captivity. Females tend to be larger in build, while the males tend to have a broader head shape.

Life Span
Channa Andrao snakeheads can live 5+ years in perfect conditions.

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