Oase Aquarium UV Steriliser ClearTronic 11w

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Oase Aquarium UV Steriliser / Clarifier ClearTronic 11w

The Oase ClearTronic UVCs are part of the trusted German Brand's new aquarium range of products and come complete with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. Oase bring the same quality workmanship to these new indoor aquatics products that they have been known for for years in the world of pond products.

UV clarifiers help to ensure clear germ-free water through exposure to UV light. As well as keeping your water crystal clear this also kills off harmful micro-organisms while still allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive.

ClearTronic UVCs come in a compact space-saving design that's easy to install and conceal. They also feature a quick release mechanism to provide easy access for replacing bulbs or cleaning the quartz sleeve. Manufactured with an impact resistant plastic housing and rigorously tested, you can be sure that your ClearTronic will provide years of hassle free service.

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and germs - certain, useful cleaning bacteria are not affected
  • Eliminates cloudiness caused by algae and bacteria
  • High quality workmanship with impact resistant plastic housing
  • Includes UVC bulb and extensive range of connections
  • Quick-release for easy bulb change and cleaning of the quartz glass
  • Easy to store in the cabinet thanks to minimal product dimensions and integrated ballast

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