Oase HeatUp Aquarium Fish Tank Heaters

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Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters are a robust and reliable way of controlling the temperature in your tank. Suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums the HeatUp Heaters each come with a 1.5m power cable and are covered by a 3 year guarantee.

Oase HeatUp Heaters range from 25w right up 300w making them suitable for nearly every aquarium. These slim design heaters can be easily controlled via the temperature dial located at the top of the heater with a temperature range of 18 - 32°C. The simple Patented recalibration system enables the readjustment of the heater by + / - 3 °C for precise temperature control.

The function of the heater can be easily detected by way of the activated control light at the front of the tube. The temperature levels are controlled and monitored by the patented bi-metal technology running through the heater. Each HeatUp Heater comes complete with an easy to install heater holder.

The HeatUp Heaters can be used optionally with the Oase BioPlus, FiltoSmart and BioMaster range of filters

Re-calibration system enables readjustment of the temperature + / - 3 °C
Uniform temperature level thanks to patented bi-metal technology
Designed for submerged use
Robust, high-quality workmanship for continuous operation
Easy installation thanks to included holder
The heating function is displayed via the activated control light
Suitable for both fresh and salt water aquariums

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