Dennerle Carbo Test Precision 3 Sizes

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Dennerle Carbo Test Precision - 3 sizes

The Dennerle Carbo Precision long-term tests are made of high-quality crystal glass and are suitable for permanent and direct CO2 measurement in the aquarium. The white inner tube helps to see the color of the indicator liquid at a glance, regardless of the background.

Thanks to the compact, spherical design, the Dennerle Carbo Precision test reacts quickly and reliably to CO2 fluctuations in the aquarium.

Three sizes of Dennerle Carbo Test Precision are available - small 20mm, medium 27mm and large 35mm diameter. Suction cup included.

  • CO2 long-term test incl. pH measurement
  • Set for continuous, direct CO2 measurement
  • Made of high-quality crystal glass Including indicator liquid and color matching scale
  • White inner tube for precise color detection
  • Fast color response due to compact design

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