Dennerle Carbo Bio Depot 60 / 80 CO2 Constant Gel Refill

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Dennerle Carbo Bio Depot 60 / 80 | Constant Gel Refill Bottles x2

Dennerle Bio CO2 Depot 60 / 80 are refill bottles for Dennerle Carbo Bio Start 60 and 80 CO2 system reactors (available separately). Dennerle Bio refills are for CO2 systems in freshwater aquaria planted setups. 2x 40 day bottles supplied per pack.

  • Dennerle Bio CO2 Depot (refills) for freshwater aquaria
  • 2 x Bio CO2 Depot Constant Gel bottles last for at least 40 days each
  • Dennerle CO2 Constant Gel made from 100 % renewable raw materials
  • For healthy, strong plants and bright colors
  • For at least 40 days of steady CO2 production
  • Carbon is the most important nutrient for aquarium plants

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