Black Platy

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Black Platy

The Platy is a very popular community aquarium fish. This lively species loves to swim around in groups which makes them stand out in a freshwater aquarium.

The photograph is for illustration only, black platies can vary in colour somewhat, from dark shimmering blue to black with red edging. Assorted male and females supplied. We can segregate on request subject to availability - please contact us prior to ordering.

Can platys be kept in cold water aquariums?
Platies can survive in various temperatures, but are not strictly a coldwater fish. Platies can survive in what we call 'temperate' environments, or room temperature aquariums, and will thrive in aquaria above 20°C.

Approx. size: 1-2" / 2-4cm
Maximum size: 7cm
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 3+

Water conditions
Our conditions: temp 22°C, pH 7.5
Ideal pH: 7.0 – 8.5
Hardness: 15 – 35°H
Ideal temperature: 20 – 29 °C

Ease of care
Easy. Prolific breeders, very few specific requirements.

The food we recommend is tropical fish flake. They can occassionally have frozen or live food like daphnia.

A community aquarium of similar size with no long finned fish or fin nippers.

Breeding/ Sex
Easy. They are live bearers so will spawn extremely quickly and young.

Life Span
They can live to anything from 1-2 years in perfect conditions.

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