Trapa Natans Water Chestnut

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Trapa Natans | Water Chestnut (Pack of 5)

Trapa Natans, or the Water Chestnut, provide leaf cover that shades the surface which helps prevent the growth of algae. Trapa's reproduce by forming nuts which sink to the bottom in the autumn. These nuts are called Water Chestnuts and are used in Chinese food dishes.

Allow Trapa Natans to die back naturally. In warm summers they will produce nuts that will survive at the bottom of the pond to produce new plants the following season. Water Chestnut plantss are supplied in small tubs. Please note, water chestnut is not a native plant. If you want to buy water chestnut nuts to plant please click here.

Are floating plants good for my garden pond?
Yes, floating plants like Trapa Natans - Water Chestnut, are great for keeping pond water healthy for fish and aquatic life. The floating roots are long and will trap and help break down waste and plant debris, as well as trapping small insects and creatures for fish to feed on. Floating plants also provide shade for the pond inhabitants, blocking sunlight to reduce algae growth. For a helpful guide on how to keep and maintain floating plants please click here.

Type: Floating (Freshwater Only)
Position: Full sun to part shade
Flower Colour: White
Flowers: August to September
Spread: 10-20cm
Depth: 0cm / surface
Season: Summer
Growth Rate: Medium

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