TAP Sludge Buster Balls 280/500/1000ml

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TAP Sludge Buster Balls Crystal Clear Pond Balls 280/500/1000ml

Sludge Buster Balls have been scientifically designed to help reduce sludge and debris in ponds. Sludge Buster Balls can be added to any murky pond to improve clarity, purity and help with fish well-being.

Designed to help reduce sludge and debris in the pond
Improves clarity, purity and well-being in murky ponds
Essential for crystal clear garden ponds
A clean pond is a must for healthy fish

Tub size available
280ml treats 1260 litres
500ml treats 2250 litres
1000ml treats 4500 litres

Directions for use
Add 100ml of Sludge Buster Balls & some liquid to your pond for every 450 litres.

You cannot overdose with Sludge Buster Balls

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