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TAP Aquarium Doctor Snail Control 125ml

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TAP Aquarium Doctor Snail Control 125ml

TAP Aquarium Doctor Snail Control is an advanced product for the effective removal of sails and hydra from aquariums. Snails can originate from the introduction of aquatic plants to an aquarium and once introduced will quickly multiply. Snail Control is harmless to fish and plants but will quickly remove snails and hydra.

Add 1ml per 4.5 Litres (1 Gallon) of aquarium water using the accurate measuring chamber provided.
DO NOT use more than 4 times in any 1 month - Prolonged use will necessitate water changes.
DO NOT use in aquariums where other marine invertebrates are present.

Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine aquariums
Eliminates unsightly snails overnight
Also effective against Hydra
Easy to use
Treats 562 Litres

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