Nymphaea Xiafei Water Lily

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Nymphaea Xiafei | Water Lily

Waterlilies prefer calm, still water, away from fountains, pumps, cascades or other turbulence. Plant N. Xiafei water lilies in full sun to promote flowering. They are best planted in aquatic compost, or heavy clay-based loam, in an aquatic basket. Nymphaea Xiafei was bred in China and introduced to the UK at the beginning of the 21st century. This highly attractive, free flowering water lily has petite red blooms and green foliage, edged with scarlet.

Nymphaea Xiafei water lily are an excellent choice of pond plant for any size of pond. Plant Nymphaea Xiafei in still water away from splashing fountains. Lower the water lily gradually so the leaves can stretch to the surface within a few days. Remove dead leaves and flowers during the growing season. Lily spread and planting depths are provided as a guide only, with the depth being the amount of water above the crown. In shallow water excessive leaf growth will rise above the surface and reduce flower blooms. The leaves of lilies shade the pond providing shelter for fish from predators such as herons, and reducing sunlight exposure to prevent algae growth.

How do you look after water lilies in the winter?
For hardy water lily plants, the key to over-wintering water lilies like the N. Xiafei is to move them to the deepest part of your pond. This will insulate the water lilly plant a little from repeated freezing and thawing which limit your water lily's chance of surviving the cold. For a helpful guide to planting and maintaining water lily pond plants please click here.

Position: Full sun
Flower Colour: Red
Flowers: June to September
Spread: 30-45cm
Depth: 15-40cm
Season: Summer/Autumn
Growth Rate: Slow / Small Area

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