NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb Ideal for Fry 40g

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NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb Ideal for Fry 40g

NT Labs Pro-F Micro Crumb is suitable for the smallest of fish with tiny mouths such as Micro Rasboras, Endler Guppies and Tetra species and is ideal for the fry of both egg-layers and live-bearers. NT Labs Micro Crumb has been formulated to provide the exact, rich, high energy nutrition required by rapidly growing juvenile fish. Having the best balanced diet from the start ensures healthy development and with the inclusion of "Stimune" will help provide your fish with strong disease resistance ensuring a high survival rate in baby fish.

Wheat, fish meal, poultry meal, haemoglobin powder, soya, lecithin, yeast

Protein 47%, Oil 9%, Ash 9.9%, Fibre 1.3%

Vitamins per kg: A 14,000 IU, D3 2,150 IU, E 280 mg, C 500 mg, minerals

  • Rich, high protein formulation
  • Highly nutritious
  • Reduces waste
  • Ideal for all micro fish
  • Suitable for live bearers and egg layers fry
  • Provides balanced diet for rapidly growing juvenile fish
  • Includes Stimune

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