Natural Mangrove Leaves x20

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Premium Quality Natural Mangrove Leaves

Leaves and leaf litter are a good source of biofilm in fish tanks, and all shrimps love to graze on them. Having an assortment of leaf litter in your tank helps to ensure baby shrimp get through their first weeks. Microfauna and snails will eat them too. Natural Mangrove Leaves have been used by fish keepers to impart tannins into their aquarium water, much in the same way Catappa, Guava, or other leaves. Mangrove contains phytonutrients, such as lignans, isoflavones, and saponins that have health benefits that are wide ranging.

Mangrove leaves release tannins, and take a lot longer to break down than Catappa leaves in the aquarium. Mangrove leaves have been used to create blackwater conditions for many years, and are found to have anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, helping keep the water free from pathogens, resulting in healthier and stronger fish. Also relieves aquarium stress.

Our premium Mangrove Leaves are hand-picked and foil-packed for freshness, releasing optimum tannins and lasting longer than inferior brands. Replace every 3-5 weeks - please note, shrimp, plecs and snails will consume leaves so may break them down sooner.

Benefits of adding Mangrove Leaves to your aquarium:

  • Mangrove leaves degrade slower than other leaves
  • Tannins released into the water have anti-bacterial properties
  • Free from pesticides, 100% hand-picked

Please note, Mangrove Leaves will float for a while, before sinking and expanding when added to your aquarium, and will gradually release tannins which will give your water a brown tint. Tannins will filter out over time and are completely harmless to fish. To reduce the brown discolouration, feel free to soak your leaves for a few days prior to adding to your tank.

Safe for use with all freshwater fish. Not for human consumption.

Included in Pack:

Pack contains approx 20 pieces of Mangrove Leaves. Approximate size per leaf is 3-5" inches (12 cm) but will expand when saturated. Foil packed and sealed for freshness.

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