Marsilea Quadrifolia Water Shamrock 1 Ltr

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Marsilea Quadrifolia | Water Shamrock

Having oxygenating plants like Marsilea Quadrifolia, or Water Shamrock in your pond is a very good thing because fish and bacteria use up oxygen continually through respiration, and need oxygen to survive. Many oxygenating pond plants are also suitable and beneficial for cold-water aquarium setups.

Marsilea Quadrifolia, Water Shamrock, forms clover like leaves rise above the surface of the pond. Remove excess growth if necessary.

Only leaves that photosynthesize below the water surface can oxygenate a pond. The best oxygenators are plants whose leaves grow underwater. They also remove nitrates, which helps to reduce algae and keep the pond water clear, meaning once established, many may be grown much deeper if sunlight can reach them.

What are Oxygenating Pond Plants?

A fast growing pond plant like Marsilea Quadrifolia - Water Shamrock will tend to release more oxygen through photosynthesis then it uses up during its own respiration, hence being given the name oxygenating plant. Many are fully submersible, but all species of oxygenator plant will have some fast leaf growth under the water. Oxygenating pond plants are a haven for many types of wildlife to shelter and breed.

For a helpful guide to planting and maintaining oxygenating pond plants please click here.

Position: Full sun to part shade
Type: Oxygenator
Flower Colour: NA
Flowers: July to September
Height: 8-15cm
Planting Depth: 0-25cm
Season: Summer
Native: No
Growth Rate: Fast

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