Evolution Aqua Air Pump Airtech 70 Complete Kit

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Evolution Aqua Pond Air Pump Airtech 70 Complete Kit

Oxygen is vital to all aquatic inhabitants whether they are Koi, tropical / marine fish, goldfish or bacteria. It also stops stagnant areas which can cause poor conditions. This range was purpously developed for fishkeepers to deliver that essential element into their ponds - specifically air. This constant movement is also a good way to combat algae growth, especially in the summer months.

The Airtech collection is long lasting, durable, well engineered and robust. As standard, a weather tight, thermal protection device is built in to the unit to avoid overheating to prolong the performance and life of the unit. They are available in various formats, at rates of 70L/m to 150L/m to ensure a smooth, constant current in your pond - tested and proven to provide the highest output at any given depth, to be economical to run and to be totally reliable. They can be connected to an air stone and airline to create a stream of bubbles.

Complete with a two year guarantee each pump offers long lasting performance.

High performance & high output
Thermal cut out as standard
Reliable and economic
Weather resistant
2 years warranty

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