Elodea Densa Live Oxygenating Plant Bunch

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Elodea Densa Live Oxygenating Plant

Growth Rate: Fast
Maximum Height: 3m+ in the wild
Leaf Colour: Green
Place of Origin: North America

Also known as pondweed or Anacharis, Elodea is a fast-growing plant that adapts to cold, temperate and tropical temperatures. Commonly used with Goldfish, Betta fish and Paradise fish in small tanks and ponds. Commonly found in lakes and ponds and sometimes brackish water throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

A great addition to aquariums and ponds. Trim ends and re-plant if you experience rapid or choking growth. Elodea grows quickly absorbing much carbon, hence its common description as an oxygenating plant.

The thin leaves provide a nice contrast to other plants in the aquarium. One single bunch supplied, average 5 stems.

This plant does not require substrate and will grow even if placed loosely in aquaria and ponds.

Water conditions
pH: 5.5 – 8.0 slightly acidic to moderately hard preferred
Temperature: 15-23 °C

Ease of care
Easy, no special requirements. Stem cuttings can be grown on easily.

Moderate to bright lighting is required for growth.

Please be aware that the image is for illustration purposes only. We are unable to guarantee the size, colour, or age of the plants you are purchasing. If you have any questions regarding live plants please contact us. We do not treat this product for snails, use a dip bath prior to introducing if desired. Click here.

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