Dennerle Aquascaping Set

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Dennerle Nano Aquascaping Set

A complete tool kit for mini-aquaria. The Dennerle Nano Aquascaping Set includes tools for managing planted aquariums and nano shrimp tanks.

The Dennerle Aquascaping Set includes metal Plant Clippers, Gravel Spatula and Plant Tweezers. Ideal for nano/small planted fish tanks.

Plant Clippers are ideal for cutting roots, stem plants and moss. The Gravel Spatula provides elegant means of smoothing and modelling the aquarium substrate bed. Plant Tweezers are for positioning and setting aquarium plants.

  • Plant Clippers - length 25cm
  • Gravel Spatula - length 32cm - width 7cm
  • Plant Tweezers - length 27cm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aquascaping Tools by Dennerle

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