Bucephalandra Wavy Greens Live Plant Bunched

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Busephalandra Wavy Green

Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green' is a small, easy, slow-growing plant that prefers lower light levels. A nice, dense appearance is ensured by the willingness to branch, even without trimming. The green leaves have wavy edges. Tiny white spots will appear on immerse leaves.

In nature, Bucephalandra usually grows on rocks or wood in rivers and streams - much like Anubias, which they resemble regarding use and care in the aquarium. They produce roots in the form of a creeping rhizome. They thrive when attached to rocks, driftwood or other decorations. Its is not recommended to bury the roots and rhizome in substrate. Leaves may develop a coating of algae if overly fertilised.

Supplied loose in a bunch (not potted)

Type: Rhizome
Positioning: Foreground/Midground
Origin: Asia
Habitat: Shady streams, marshes, riverbanks.
Growth rate: Slow
Max height in cm: 5-10cm
Ideal temp: 22-26 degrees celcius
Ideal pH: 6.0-8.5
Light demand: Low
CO2 demand: Low

Please note: whilst every effort is made to prevent or remove snails and snail eggs, we do not use copper treatments in our systems (because copper is also harmful to shrimp) so cannot absolutely guarantee snail-free. If you are concerned about snails, we recommended that you dip your plants in a snail preventative solution, such as Esha Gastropex, prior to adding to your aquarium. We do not recommend buying treated plants, or administering copper or anti-snail treatments if you have shrimp in your aquarium. Snails are perfectly safe in an aquarium and will not harm your fish.

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