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British Oak Wood Ornamental Driftwood (Piece B009)

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British Oak Wood Aquarium Fish Tank Ornamental Display

The image shown is the actual Oakwood piece you will receive.

Dimensions(Largest Points): 53x20x14cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 2.7kg

British Oakwood pieces are great for tropical or cold water aquariums to add a natural aquascape. Each piece is unique giving hiding places and refuge to your freshwater fishes. Each piece is very dense, and heavy enough to sink without prior soaking or boiling in most cases.

Oak wood is very rich in tannins. All natural decorative wood leeches tannins and can naturally discolour water to brown. Tannins are not harmful to your aquaria, they  are beneficial as they will slightly lower the Ph and soften the water.

Removing Tannins.
To remove tannins you should soak the wood for 24-72 hours in a large bucket full of water. Using hot water will remove the tannins quicker than cold water. It is recommended to change the water every day whilst in soak. This will lessen any risk of potential aquarium water discolouration.

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