Arcadia Reptile Heat Lamp Cage Bulb Guard

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Arcadia Reptile Heat Lamp Cage Bulb Guard

An easy to use, stylish product that fits simply over a lamp and lamp holder such as the Arcadia Reptile Ceramic Lamp Holder Pro.

Heat cages are an essential item for all heat lamps when used inside a vivarium to help reduce the risk of burns. Easy access via a sprung door on the bottom for lamp changes.

Flat eyelets for fixing screws and a gateway for the power cable keeping everything neat and tidy.

Fits lamps up to 150w. Safe for ceramic lamps.

Always remember to use a thermostat with any heat source.

Dimensions: Height 220m, Diameter 120mm

High quality, durable metal safety cage
Easy access with sprung door
Fits lamps up to 150w
Easy cable access
Helps reduce the risk of burns