Aquadip Stringy Moss Taxiphyllum Sp. In-Vitro Cup

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Aquadip Taxiphyllum Sp. "Stringy Moss"

Stringy moss, Taxiphyllum Sp., is a slow-growing aquatic plant which is great for carpeting foreground displays in shrimp tanks and aquarium aquascapes. Shrimps love aquarium moss, and stringy moss is perfect for shrimps to forage and inhabit. Aquarium plants such as mosses will contribute to a healthy ecosystem, absorbing nitrate and oxygenating aquarium water as they grow.

Aquadip has a reputation for providing the highest quality plants. AQUADIP started in 1990 as a family business and has developed a range of products for angling, aquatics and ornamental ponds. To explore more plants and products from the Aquadip range please click here.

Growth speed: Slow
Light intensity: Medium
Max size: 20cm approx
Temperature range: 15-28°C
Scientific name: Taxiphyllum Sp. 
Origin: Asia
Brand: Aquadip
Planting position: Foreground

Supplied in an In-Vitro pot with label as pictured. In-vitro pots are supplied with the moss planted in a preservative gel which provides nutrients and ensures a healthy start for the plant. Be sure to wash all residue away prior to planting.

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