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Aqua One Bio Starter Fish Water Treatment 150ml

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Aqua One Bio Starter Fish Water Treatment 150ml

Provides beneficial bacteria to establish a healthy biological filtration system.

A clever blend of filtration bacteria, Aqua One Bio Starter will aid the rapid maturation of any new filter and is essential after your filter has been cleaned to help rebuild bacteria levels. By providing beneficial bacteria to a new filtration system, the effects of a new tank syndrome can be reduced and toxic ammonia and nitrate spikes can be avoided, this allows you to introduce fish early.

With the new extensive pharmaceuticals range providing all the necessities to keep your aquarium at optimum condition, finding what you need to keep your occupants healthy is now simpler than ever.

Directions For Use (Dosage):
New tank: Add 20mL per 100L of aquarium water once per day for 3 days then repeat single treatment after 7 days.
After cleaning filter: Add 20-40mL per 100L of aquarium water.
Regular treatment: Add 10mL per 100L of aquarium water once per week.
Treatments can be added directly to filter to ensure rapid settlement of bacteria on biological media.

Water Volume Calculation
To calculate your approximate aquarium water volume: (Length x Width x Height in cm) = then divide by 1000 for Litres.

Suitable For...
Coldwater, Tropical & Marine.

Great for new filters
Helps mature new set ups
Introduces the fish early
Safe in any aquarium
Add at every filter clean

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