Zeolite Filter Bag Pouch

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Zeolite Filtration Pouch

Zeolite has been used in water purification and filtration for years. A natural material, Zeolite will help break down fine particles and dirt, reduce harmful nitrates and phosphates and reduce algae growth in your aquarium or pond. Zeolite does not degrade rapidly, and needs only to be rinsed through annually to keep in prime condition.

If you are finding that your pond or aquarium struggles to process nitrate, phosphate or is stubbornly cloudy, Zeolite can help reduce and prevent such issues. Add to your filter or place directly in your pond or aquarium.

Supplied here is a sealed mesh filter bag pouch containing approx. 200g of Zeolite. Measures around 10cm diameter. Great for adding to filters, or leaving loose in your aquarium to absorb nitrate, harmful metals and particulates. Zeolite is not harmful to fish. Recommended for ponds, freshwater tropical and cold water aquariums only. Not suitable for marine. Please note, filter pouch is tied and not resealable.

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