White Parrot Cichlid 2-3"

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White Parrot Cichlid

White Parrot Cichlids are a beautiful, albeit controversial, freshwater cichlid. These fish are a hybrid fish species that was first created in Taiwan around 1986. The exact species used to create the White Parrot Cichlid are believed to be a crossing of platinum Convict Cichlids and Blood Parrots. The colouration of the White Parrot Cichlid species can vary from a snowy white colour to shades of platinum and light grey.

White Parrot Cichlids, when small, may present as a pale, white to grey colour, which can develop into a more visable or translucent shade as they mature and grow into adulthood. Parrot Cichlids are active swimmers and will grow to an adult size of around 8 inches, they require a fairly large aquarium with lots of space to swim. A larger aquarium of at least 100-350 litres is recommended, particularly if keeping in groups. Parrot Cichlids can be quite shy, so plenty of driftwood or hiding spaces is recommended.

Are White Parrot Cichlid's aggressive?
White Parrot fish are not considered to be an aggressive cichlid. They are rarely bullied, because of their size, but also possess very little capability to attack. They are quite large and cumbersome, slow-swimming, and have small mouths, which limits its likeliness to attack other fish species in the aquarium. White Parrot Cichlids make ideal tankmates for other similar-sized peaceful fish, but care must be taken not to house with any fish small enough to be considered food.

Are White Parrot Cichlids artificially dyed colours?
While it is true that in many countries, the parrot cichlid has been artificially dyed into vibrant blue, red and purple colours, the practice is generally considered cruel and is not one we support. The natural colour of the White Parrot Cichlid is a combination affected by the breeding of Parrot Cichlids and platinum Convict Cichlids. Platinum or white Parrot Cichlids are also commonly used as a base fish for coloured dye. We do not and will not sell dyed fish, only natural Parrot Cichlids.

Approx. supplied size: 2-3" / 5-7cm
Maximum size: 8" / 20cm
Origin: Taiwan
Ideal number kept together: 2+
Temperament: Peaceful, active

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5 temp 24°C
Ideal pH: 6.0–7.5
Hardness: 6-18 dGH
Ideal temperature: 24–26°C
Lighting: moderate
Water flow: low to moderate

Ease of Care
Moderate. Parrot Cichlid fish are not particularly hardy, and can possess defects and immunity issues due to the way they are bred. Parrot Cichlid's have small mouths, so care must be taken to ensure they are eating properly.

Omnivore. Parrot Cichlid fish are happy with flake and granules, and will eat meatier live and frozen food occasionally to supplement. Be aware that the small mouth of a Parrot Cichlid can cause the fish to struggle to eat larger food pieces, such as shrimp or mussels.


Can be housed in a community aquarium with caution, alongside other peaceful community fish of a similar size. Do not house with anything small enough to be considered food. Very popular in community peaceful South American cichlid tanks, with other docile cichlids.

Parrot Cichlids are egg layers but struggle with infertility, so are not easy to breed in captivity. Parrot Cichlids are very protective of eggs and will become aggressive around them, eating them if they become infected with fungus.

Life Span

White Parrot Cichlids can live 10-15 years in perfect conditions.

Please note we cannot hand-pick male or female unless specified in the listing. Photograph is for illustrative purposes intended as a guide to the species you will receive. Colours of White Parrot Fish can vary from snow white to a pale grey/platinum.

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