Tropica In-Vitro 1-2-Grow! Helanthium Bolivianum 'Quadricostatus'

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Tropica In Vitro 1-2-grow! Helanthium Bolivianum 'Quadricostatus'

Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup.

Echinodorus ‘Quadricostatus’ from South America has characteristic light-green leaves 10-15 cm long which form a good contrast to the darker aquarium plants. It is most beautiful when planted in groups, each roset becoming 15-20 cm wide. In good conditions it produces runners which spread over the bottom. Very light leaves are a sign of a shortage of micro-nutrients. There is some confusion about the name of this plant, and it has been sold as Echinodorus bolivianus var. magdalenensis.

Previously known as Echinodorus 'Quadricostatus'. Helanthium Bolivianum 'Quadricostatus' is considered easy to maintain. It is suitable for nano aquariums.

1-2-GROW! 1 - Carefully take the plant out of the cup and rinse off the growing media under the tap. 2 - Split the plant into portions using your fingers or sharp scissors if desired. GROW! - Plant portions into the substrate using tweezers. Then watch them grow! 100% clean aquarium plants. No Algae, no pests, no snails.

Features Type: Rosulate
Origin: South America 
Growth rate: High
Max height: 15cm+
Light demand: Low
CO2: Low

Please be aware that the image is for illustration purposes only. We are unable to guarantee the exact size, colour, or age of the plants you are purchasing. If you have any questions regarding live plants please contact us.

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