TAP Algae Control Balls 280/500/1000ml

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TAP Algae Control Balls Pond Clear Water Balls 280/500/1000ml

Algae Control Balls are packed full of natural ingredients which help to create and maintain a crystal clear pond. Algae Control Balls may be used all year round for maximum effect.

Crystal clear ponds for healthy fish
Works on most common pond algae
Natural safe and effective ingredients
Totally safe for fish, pet and wildlife

Tub size available
280ml treats 1260 litres
500ml treats 2250 litres
1000ml treats 4500 litres

Directions for use
Add 100ml of Algae Control Balls & some liquid to your pond for every 450 litres.
Repeat monthly for maximum effect.

Algae Control Balls are totally safe for all pond life and pets.

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