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Siamese Algae Eater

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Siamese Algae Eater

The Siamese algae-eater, often referred to as the Siamese "Flying Fox", is a species of freshwater fish in the carp family, Cyprinidae. This bottom-dwelling tropical fish is found in mainland Southeast Asia, including the Chao Phraya and Mekong basins as well as the Malay Peninsula. The Siamese Algae eater does not have the orange colouration found on actual Flying Fox fish, and often has a more raggedy deep black stripe along its body.

Siamese Algae Eater's are a shoaling fish, but are quite happy flying solo. A group of 6+ should encourage shoaling, if that is what you are after, but please ensure your aquarium is large enough to accomodate fully-grown adults.

Are Siamese Algae Eater's aggressive?
Unlike similar loaches, and even the Flying Fox, Siamese Algae eaters are not considered aggressive and can be considered a peaceful community fish, great for heavily planted freshwater aquaria. They are fast swimmers however, which can disturb slow swimmers or nervous fish species.

Do Siamese Algae Eaters eat lots of algae?
Yes, Siamese Algae Eaters will eat plenty of algae, especially while young and small. As they grow older, they may become more partial to a meatier diet. Remember however, Siamese algae eaters produce waste just like any other fish. Overstocking can make your tank messier rather than cleaner.

How big do Siamese Algae Eaters get?
Siamese Algae Eaters can grow to a maximum of 6" inches (15cms). A larger aquarium of around 100 litres is recommended for the Gold Algae Eater if you want to grow them fully, with plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood for hiding. Our Siamese Algae Eaters are supplied young, at a size of around 2" (5cm).

Approx. supplied size: 1" / 2-3cm
Maximum size: 6" / 15cm
Origin: Southeast Asia
Family: Cyprinidae
Temperament: Peaceful, energetic
Lighting requirement: low
Ideal number kept together: 1+

Water Conditions

Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25 °C
Ideal pH: 6.0–7.5
Hardness: 5-20 dH
Water flow: low
Temperature: 23–26 °C

Ease of Care
Easy. Can grow moderately large but at a fairly slow rate. Tends to prefer slower flowing water, ensure they have plenty of rocks, driftwood and plants to thrive. Try to avoid housing with semi/aggressive bottom feeders, like red tail sharks, who may battle over territory.

Omnivore. They will eat tank algae, but do also feed a mixture of algae wafer and greens, like courgette and spinach leaves. As they grow, meaty foods like frozen shrimp and bloodworm to supplement.

The species does not breed readily in home aquaria. Females tend to become plumper than males.

Life Span
Siamese algae eaters can live up to 10 years in perfect conditions.

Photo is for illustration only - one supplied.

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