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Sera Siporax Professional Ceramic Rings Filter Media 15mm

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Sera Siporax Professional Aquarium Ceramic Rings Filter Media 15mm

Sera Siporax ceramic media is a fully biological filter material for almost all filter systems.

Sera Siporax provides bacteria an extremely large amount of open-pored tunnel structures. This allows an ideal supply of  the bacteria with nutrients and a smallest amount of fresh water. There are oxygen-poor conditions within the tunnels. This makes the bacteria crack nitrate to get enough oxygen. Consequently, they continuously break down nitrate, and the water remains low in nitrate.

1 litre of Sera Siporax provides as much settling area for bacteria as, approximately 34 litres of clay filter material.

All sizes are packaged inside zip lock bags.
Available in the following sizes:

300g (1 litre)
900g (3 litres)
1.5kg (5 litres)
2.25kg (7.5 litres)
3kg (10 litres)
4.5kg (15 litres)
6kg (20 litres)
7.5kg (25 litres)

Biological filter material for almost all filter systems
1L provides as much surface area as 34L of clay media
Continuously breaks down nitrates
Available in multiple weights to suit your filter

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