Salvinia Natans Live Floating Plant 10g

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Salvinia Natans - Floating Watermoss

Salvinia natans is an aquatic fern floating surface plant, which makes a wonderful addition to open-top freshwater aquariums and ponds. The stem is floating, filamentous and branched. Pods of three leaves form on a stem, two above the water, and one below forming a root system. Salvinia natans reproduce rapidly, quickly covering the water surface. Salvinia Natans is suitable for ponds and aquariums.

Floating watermoss is nourished through the water, so a liquid fertiliser is recommended. It is worth noting that while floating plants absorb nitrate and phosphorus, which is beneficial to the overall water quality, they can block out light from the plants beneath it, so will need to be managed appropriately. Blocking light can help reduce algae however. Floating plants are also great for providing shelter, and are a great habitat for shrimp, breeding fry tanks, creating shade in a pond, and for nervous fish.

Supplied loose in a portion approximately 10 grams, suitable for small aquariums (small palmful)

Type: Fern
Positioning: Floating
Origin: Worldwide
Habitat: Lakes, ponds, pools.
Growth rate: Fast
Max height in cm: 1.2cm / 0.5"
Ideal temp: 20-28 degrees celcius
Ideal pH: 6.0-7.5
Light demand: Moderate to high
CO2 demand: Low

Please note: whilst every effort is made to prevent or remove snails and snail eggs, we do not use copper treatments in our systems (because copper is also harmful to shrimp) so cannot absolutely guarantee snail-free. If you are concerned about snails, we recommended that you dip your plants in a snail preventative solution, such as Esha Gastropex prior to adding to your aquarium. We do not recommend buying treated plants, or administering copper or anti-snail treatments if you have shrimp in your aquarium. Snails are perfectly safe in an aquarium and will not harm your fish.

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