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Red Phantom Tetra

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Red Phantom Tetra

Red phantom tetra, Hyphessobrycon sweglesi / Megalamphodus sweglesi, originate from the Orinoco River basin through Venezuela and Columbia in South America. Red phantom tetra prefer cooler than average sub-tropical temperatures, and are slightly less hardier than Black Phantom tetra, it is recommended that they are added to well-mature tanks rather than new setups.

Red Phantom tetra will thrive in shoals of 6 or more, and prefer a shady, well-planted aquarium. Floating plants, such as lemna duckweed or salvinia, are ideal for providing shade. They are a peaceful community fish, but care must be taken when choosing tankmates, because red phantom's prefer a comparatively lower tropical water temperature.

What is the difference between male and female Red Phantom Tetra?
Male phantom tetra may appear slightly larger than females, with a longer dorsal fin. The dorsal fin of a male red phantom tetra may lack any black colouring, and present totally red. Two males may occasionally engage in minor aggression towards each other, presenting their magnificent finnage, but rarely will it lead to any harm.

Are Red Phantom Tetra a cold water fish?
No, red phantom tetra are not suitable for coldwater tanks. However they do prefer a sub-tropical temperature of around 20-23 degrees, which may not suit other tropical tankmates.

Approx. supplied size: 1.5" / 2-3cm
Maximum size: 2" / 4cm
Origin: South America
Family: Characidae
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting requirement: Low
Ideal number kept together: 6+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 22°C
Ideal pH: 6.0–7.5
Water flow: low to moderate
Ideal temperature: 20-23°C

Ease of care
Easy. Red phantom tetra require slightly lower range tropical temperatures and water pH than typical tetra.

Peaceful, but choose tankmates with care - not all will appreciate the lower temperature required for Red Phantom Tetras to thrive.

Feed tropical fish flake or small granules, supplement occasionally with daphnia, brine shrimp and other frozen meaty food.


Egg layers, will spawn in softer water conditions (pH 5.5-6.0). Remove the parents once the eggs have been scattered and fertilised. Males have a longer dorsal fin, which may lack black colouring.

Life Span
The lifespan of a Red Phantom tetra can be up to 5 years in perfect conditions.

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