Pakistani Yo-Yo Loach

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YoYo Loach

The yoyo loach, Almora loach or Pakistani loach is a freshwater fish belonging to the loach family Botiidae. It originates in the slow-running and still waters of the Ganges basin in northern India and possibly Nepal. Despite the alternative common name Pakistani loach, the true B. almorhae is not actually native to Pakistan.

The Yoyo loach is so named for its dark and pale patterns, which often can be seen to spell "yoyo" (especially in smaller/younger specimens) The other common name, Almora loach, refers to Almora in Uttarakhand, India. House in an aquarium with plenty of hiding spaces and plants to explore.

These inquisitive fish generally keep to themselves, which is why YoYo loaches do so well with other fish. This does not mean that they are shy, they will interact with other fish and will stand up for themselves if needed. They are known to be semi-aggressive to members of their own species but this doesn’t mean they cannot be kept together. Like with other species that show dominance, having a group of 5 or 6 will lessen any potential for damage.

Do Loaches sleep?
Some loaches exhibit the amusing trait of lolling, or resting, on leaves of other surfaces which give the appearance of sleeping. This can be worrying to new fishkeepers, who may mistake the loach for being unwell, but it is perfectly normal behaviour.

Do YoYo Pakistani Loaches eat snails?
Yes, YoYo loaches will eat snails, including pest snails. They will also eat small shrimp, so please do not house with invertebrates.

Are Pakistani YoYo loach aggressive?
YoYo loaches are not generally aggressive towards other species, but may fight amongst themselves. Keeping a group of 5 or more will generally lower the potential for harm.

Approx. supplied size: 2-3" / 5-8cm
Maximum size: 6" / 15cm
Origin: India
Family: Botiidae
Temperament: semi-aggressive to own species
Lighting requirement: low
Ideal number kept together: 5+

Water Conditions

Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25 °C
Ideal pH: 6.5–7.5
Hardness: 3-10KH
Water flow: moderate to fast
Temperature: 23–30 °C

Ease of Care
Moderate. YoYo loach have barbels, so take care if handling with a fish net, as they may get tangled. Loaches are small-scaled and soft skinned, so are quite prone to white spot and more sensitive to chemical treatments - ensure you read the instructions as treatments will often recommend a lower dosage.

House with non-aggressive, peaceful tankmates. To avoid aggression, keep solitary or in a group of 5 or more.

Omnivorous, will feed on a mixture of algae wafer and greens, to meatier food such as frozen shrimp and bloodworm.

Difficult. YoYo loach species do not breed readily in home aquaria. Males tend to be slimmer in the body than females.

Life Span
They can live 5-8 years in perfect conditions.

Photo is for illustration only - one supplied.

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