Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo Variegated Water Dropwort

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Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo | Variegated Water Dropwort

Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo, commonly known as Variegated Water Dropwort, has beautiful tricolour foliage which presents pink, white and green in spring, maturing to a darker green and pink in autumn. Tiny, creamy white flowers in umbels appear in mid-summer. This plant can be trimmed as required at any time during the growing season.

Marginal plants are great for ponds, and will add colour, interest and wildlife habitat to your garden. Marginal pond plants like Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo, Variegated Water Dropwort, make a wonderful and easy addition to any garden pond edge.

Where do you plant marginal pond plants?
Marginal Pond Plants, such as the Oenanthe Javanica Flamingo - Variegated Water Dropwort can be placed in the shallow areas of a pond. This is usually around the edges, or margin, of the pond. Certain types of marginal pond plants can be planted out of the pond water in damp ground, ideal for a bog garden or water garden display.

For a guide to planting and maintaining marginal plants please click here.

Max. Height: 30-40cm
Growth Rate: Fast
Type: Freshwater Pond Marginal
Flowers: July - August
Position: Full sun to part shade
Planting Depth: 0-12cm

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