Oase ORGANIX Baby Flakes 150ml

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Oase ORGANIX Baby Flakes 150ml

ORGANIX Baby Flakes from Oase provide young fish in the aquarium with everything they need for healthy growth. This powdered development food is ideal for daily feeding, making it the perfect staple diet for all species of fish with a small mouth. ORGANIX Baby Flakes spread quickly throughout the aquarium and has been specially formulated to contain the required nutrients and vitamins for vitality and strong growth in young juvenile fish.

With ORGANIX Oase are adding one of the highest quality aquarium fish foods in the world to their range. Specially formulated to be rich in essential nutrients, ORGANIX Fish Food uses only natural ingredients which are freshly prepared and free from artificial additives. All ingredients are harvested gently and sustainably, exclusively in strictly monitored, uncontaminated waters off the coast of Alaska. The ORGANIX range of aquarium fish foods allows ambitious beginners and professionals to feed the pure power of nature - now in a perfectly coordinated and varied menu.

Feed 1-2 times daily

Complete daily diet
Powdered development fish food for baby fish
Sustainably harvested
Without artificial attractants
Optimal protein-fat ratio
MSC certified for well-managed and sustainable fishery
Available in a 150ml tub

Nutritional Analysis...
Raw protein 44%; raw fat 18%; raw fibre 1%; raw ash 6%. Ingredients: Whole salmon, whole shrimp, wheat flour, whole herring, fresh kelp, wheat gluten. Nutritional additives (per 1,000 g): Vitamin A (E 672) 14.000 IE, vitamin C as ascorbyl monophosphate 800 mg, vitamin E 680 mg, nicotinic acid 100 mg, inositol 100 mg, vitamin B2 as riboflavin 20 mg, vitamin B12 50 μg. Sensory additives (per 1,000 g): Astaxanthin (E 161j) 15 mg.

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