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NT Labs Zeolite 10-35mm Pieces 1-5kg

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NT Labs Koi Care Zeolite 10-35mm Pieces 1-5kg

NT labs Zeolite is a natural solution for the removal of ammonia, nitrites & nitrates. When placed into your pond it will readily absorb ammonia from the water. After a period of time the zeolite will become saturated with ammonia and can be refreshed by removing it from the pond and the ammonia dispersed by placing it in a bucket of strong saline solution (It should be rinsed before being returned to the pond).

All purchases less than 5kg will be split from an official NT Labs Zeolite 5kg bag & weighed out.
Filter bag included ONLY with 5kg purchases

When to Use
For best results, use throughout the year and recharge regularly.
Recharge and top up when water quality begins to fall.

Place into a filter bag and rinse under the tap.
Place in the filter in an area with a strong flow of water.
Test your water quality using Pondlab Test Kits.
Recharge in spring and every 6 weeks (unless poor water quality is detected). Replace 50% of the zeolite with every recharge.
To recharge: prepare a salt solution (4 tablespoonsper gallon of water) and soak the chunks for 24 hours.

All ponds have differing amounts of Koi fish and filtration capacity, it can be hard to calculate the amount required.
Approximately a 5kg bag will treat a pond up to 6800 litres (1500 gallons).

Maintains the health and vitality of your fish
Also reduces toxic Nitrite and Nitrate levels
 Large 10-35 mm chunks - ideal for large filters
Can be re-charged and used again
Can be used for decorative effect in the pond

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