Kribensis Cichlid

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Kribensis Cichlid

The Kribensis are a great addition to a peaceful South American aquarium. They like to have hiding places and breed easily when in the right water conditions. Kribensis, Pelvicachromis pulcher, is a freshwater fish of the cichlid family, endemic to Nigeria and Cameroon. It is popular amongst aquarium hobbyists. Kribensis has other common names, including various derivatives and color morphs of the kribensis: krib, common krib, red krib, super-red krib and rainbow krib, along with rainbow cichlid and purple cichlid. This listing is for the common Kribensis variety only.

Approx. supplied size: 1-2" / 3-5cm
Maximum size: 10cm
Origin: South America
Ideal number kept together: 3+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 25°C
Ideal pH: 5.0–7.5
Ideal temperature: 23–28°C

Ease of care
Easy. They are quite peaceful and hardy, and breed readily, so good for hobbyist at all levels of expertise. Kribensis will thrive in aquariums with a slightly lower pH than average - aim for 7.0 or below ideally.

Kribensis are omnivorous and will generally eat anything from flake, granules, live and frozen foods. Algae-rich treats are well received, along with supplemental bloodworm and brineshrimp. Like most bottom-dwellers, Kribensis will graze the aquarium bed and eat sinking food like algae or small catfish pellet.

Kribensis are suitable for community aquariums with similar peaceful fish and other South American Cichlids. They can be territorial whilst breeding.

Easy. A group of Kribensis in a species-only aquarium with more females to males will breed relatively easily. Females develop a purple belly.

Life Span
Kribensis Cichlids typically have a lifespan of 3-5 years in perfect conditions.

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