Komodo Reptile Drinking Fountain & Humidifier

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Komodo Reptile Drinking Fountain & Humidifier

The Komodo Fountain & Humidifier provides a continuous drinking station for chameleons, geckos and other animals which do not recognise unmoving sources of water. The constant flow raises humidity levels as well as providing a soothing natural soundscape.

This pump is suitable for pumping clean and dirty water and has an adjustable flowrate through. Included carbon filter pad helps to filter and purify the water.

800ml water reservoir provides 5-7 days of water for your pet

Dimensions: 260 x 100 x 100mm (10" x 4" x 4")

Flowing water encourages drinking
Leaf back drop mimics a natural environment for reptiles
Increases an overall habitat humidity
Provides a soothing natural soundscape
Replaceable carbon filter to keep water fresh
Powerful, dependable pump with adjustable flow
Quiet and energy efficient system

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