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Komodo Cuttlebone Discs Calcium for Tortoises & Turtles

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Komodo Cuttlebone Discs Calcium for Tortoises & Turtles

A natural but essential health product for your tortoise or turtle, these Komodo Cuttlebone discs are made from real cuttlefish bones, rich in calcium, and have been cut into hand discs by Komodo to make their handling even easier.

Giving your tortoise or turtle access to a cuttlebone disc has 2 major benefits:
It gives them something to nibble. Having the rough texture cuttlebone has, it helps keep your reptile's beak in good trim, negating the need to awkward filing or clipping at the vets.

More importantly, it is a rich natural source of calcium - the stuff your reptile's shell and bones are made from. Without a good supply of calcium and the necessary D3 to assimilate it, your reptile can suffer from MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), leading to bone and joint weakness as well as 'soft-shell' which can be painful and sadly fatal.

To make them even more appetising, Komodo Cuttlebone Discs are available in two delicious flavours: cucumber and original, and have a disc design with a hole in the centre, allowing the discs to be easily attached to any available decoration - handy in a turtle tank!

Dimensions: Approximately 4cm

Keeps tortoise beaks trimmed
High in calcium
Natural product
Circular design with hole allows easy attachment to decor

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