JAD Syphon Siphon Cleaner

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Aquarium Syphon Cleaner

The JAD Instant Siphon Cleaner for fish tanks is ideal for performing routine gravel cleaning maintenance and regular water changes in your aquarium.

The powerful suction and superior materials make the JAD Instant Siphon superior to many alternative hand-held syphon pumps on the market.

The BY-28 Instant Syphon Cleaner for aquariums is fitted with an adjustable flow tap to stop, adjust and maintain powerful water flow. The hoover pipe is fitted with a grill to prevent larger materials and fish becoming lodged in the flexible hose pipe.

Instructions for use:
1. Place the hoover attachment into the aquarium
2. Place the tap end in a bucket
3. Open the adjustable flow tap
4. Squeeze the hand-held pump to start water syphoning
5. Start syphoning the water and gravel in your aquarium!

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