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Hydor Ekomixo Automatic Fish Feeder

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Hydor Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder

With its simple design, this automatic battery operated fish food feeder is capable of delivering up to 3 feeds a day and holds enough flake for approximately 30 days.

The size of the feed amount can be adjusted by turning the dial on the side of the unit. There are 10 different portion sizes to choose from.
The unit is compact and has a see through food dispenser (approx 90ml) so you can see when it needs refilling. The dispenser is easily detached for easy filling.
The front of the feeder has a simple to use control panel that clearly shows the amount of feeds you have programmed. Working on 1, 2 or 3 feeds a day, the feeder will feed at set intervals suited around the programs you chose.

Feeding schedules
1 feed (every 24 hours )
2 Feeds (every 8 hours)
3 Feeds (every 6 hours)

Designed to use dried foods such as flakes and pellets etc, the feeder has the unique optional bonus of being compatible with connection to an aerator (air pump), to keep the food dry and crisp it has a special internal system which stops the air during feeding thus avoiding the risk of too much food being deposited into the aquarium.
Also a special mixing vibration prevents clumps from forming in the dispenser.

Simple design, battery operated automatic feeder
Feeder display clearly shows current feeding schedule
See through food dispenser, easily detached for refilling
Special mixing vibration prevents clumps from forming in the dispenser