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Hong Kong Butterfly Borneo Loach Pleco

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Hong Kong Butterfly Borneo Loach

The Butterfly Loach is also known as the Borneo Sucking Loach, or the Hillstream Loach, of which there are many common varieties. They are great for temperate and tropical freshwater aquariums and are good for removing algae from the tank glass. Similar in many ways to the common plec, the borneo loach has a translucent semi-transparent underbelly, through which you can see its heart beating. Quite fascinating to observe through your aquarium glass. These plecos do not grow anywhere near as big as a common plec over a lifetime, so are suitable for smaller aquaria.

Please be aware that the image is for illustration purposes only. Photo is of a mature loach with developed colouration - please be aware that it can take a while for full colour to develop, our Borneo stock are young loaches, which often present a dull grey colour to start, with developing patterning and vibrancy through growth. This species is quite sensitive to water conditions, so please ensure your water quality is optimum, and take a little extra time acclimatising.

Supplied size: 1-3cm (small)
Maximum size: 8cm
Origin: China
Ideal number kept together: 1+

Water conditions
Our conditions: pH 7.5, temp 22 °C
Ideal pH: 6.5-8.0
Hardness: 36–268 ppm
Ideal temperature: 16–24 °C

Ease of care
Moderate. They are great for a nano aquarium as they stay relatively small, but can be very sensitive to poor water quality or changes in conditions.

Feed Borneo Loaches small sinking pellets and algae wafers. Borneo loach will feed on algae present on aquarium glass and plant leaves, please ensure a steady supply of nutrients. Driftwood provides an ideal shelter and grazing environment.

Peaceful, community temperate or tropical aquarium. They live well with tank mates such as Tetras, Rasbora, Livebearers, Danios, etc - fish of a similar size. Avoid housing with larger algae-grazers who may out-compete the Borneo loach for food.

Not likely to spawn in home aquaria, ideal conditions are difficult to replicate in captivity. Females tend to grow at a faster rate than males and may appear larger in body.

Life Span
The average lifespan of a Borneo Loach is 3-8 years in perfect conditions.

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