Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb

The Pure Aquarium Bomb from Evolution Aqua is a much larger single treatment dose of live nitrifying bacteria designed specifically at cycling new aquariums and making them ready for fish. The Aquarium Bomb also rapidly combats water quality emergencies in new and established freshwater aquariums, when life threatening levels of ammonia and nitrite are detected.

Beneficial bacteria inside the filter can be lost through cleaning media under the tap, replacing mature media with new, or the use of medications. Increased fish numbers, uneaten food and dead, decaying fish can also lead to levels of ammonia and nitrite. The Evolution Aqua Aquarium Bomb contains millions of live aerobic bacteria which will quickly help remedy this type of water quality emergency.

Please note: Pure Aquarium Bomb is not intended to clear green water. An appropriate UVC is recommended to clear green water.

Matures new filters rapidly
Cycles new aquariums
Repairs bacteria colonies
Boosts clarity of water
Provides rapid nitrification
Eliminates New Tank Syndrome
1 Bomb treats aquariums up to 200 litres

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