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Evolution Aqua K+ PLUS Filtration Media 50L Floating / Sinking

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Evolution Aqua K+ PLUS Filtration Media 50L Floating / Sinking

K+ media provides the maximum active surface area for bacteria to colonise, more than other types of static media. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water. Unlike foam, matting, or other forms of static filtration media, the Kaldnes media is designed to move freely within your filter and the constant chaotic movement of the air from your pump, causes the media to self-clean and thus requires no maintenance - this allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic cleaning, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter.

K Plus - Whats New?
With a new shape and profile, K+Media has also been designed to have an increased and class leading surface area, meaning an overall surface area of 1,350m2 per m3. More importantly for biological filtration, the protected surface area of K+Media is 1,025m2 per m3. This allows a stable bio-film to form and remain intact when used in moving bed biological filtration, as in the new Nexus+.

The shape of K+Media optimises the amount of “quiet zones” within the media where a stable bio-film can develop. Whilst K+Media keeps the integral profile of K1 Media at its core, there is an extra layer of cells and fins around the outside of each piece that enable microscopic organisms such as Rotifers and Vorticella to thrive. This is an additional benefit as competitor media do not have such “quiet zones” that would allow these higher lifeforms of filter feeders to develop. The bacteria and organisms that form within the bio-film ensure the media delivers optimum levels of biological filtration in the moving bed, which has been proven filtration technology for many years in the fishkeeping hobby.

As Evolution Aqua extrude the K+Media, Minerals and Enzymes are added to the raw material. The result of this process, unique to Evolution Aqua, is a filtration media that not only outperforms most of its competitors due to its large protected surface area, but also answers the problem of how to speed up the time taken to mature your filter.

K+ total surface area: 1350m2 per m3
K+ total protected surface: 1025m2 per m3
Floating media ideal for MBBR (Moving Bed Bio-Film Reactor filters)
Sinking media ideal for down-flow filtration systems

10.2mm Diameter
8mm Width

Advanced K+Media engineered with a new design for improved filtration
1025m2/m3 protected surface area and 1350m2/m3 total surface area
Stable Bio-film can develop within the quiet zones to allow rotifers, vorticella etc to thrive
Faster filter maturation times thanks to minerals incorporated into K+Media
Floating version for MBBR and sinking version for down-flow

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