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Dr Tim's Waste-Away Reef Marine Natural Aquarium Cleaner 120ml

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DrTim's Waste-Away Reef Marine Natural Aquarium Cleaner 120ml

Waste-Away lowers Phosphate and Nitrate plus it removes hidden wastes and dirt from gravel and coral beds!

DrTim's Waste-Away is a unique combination of bacteria that attack and dissolve organic wastes in the aquarium quickly. Waste-Away works to unclog coral beds and keep filter pads freely flowing longer. This results in better water flow, more oxygen and a healthier aquarium environment.

Even with good maintenance and monthly water changes, sludge and wastes remain in the aquarium in hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places. Waste-Away, a 100% natural, beneficial bacteria-based product, removes cyanobacteria and aquarium slime, leaving your tank clean.

120ml bottle treats 454 litres

Shake well before using
Minimum dose 10ml per 38 litres of aquarium water
Waste-Away should be used on a regular (weekly) basis to keep sludge from accumulating which can negatively affect fish and corals.
Caution: When using in a tank with a large amount of sludge, consider a half-dose initially as the sludge reducing bacteria in Waste-Away may cause the oxygen level in the water to temporarily drop.

  • Lowers phosphate & nitrate
  • Removes gunky, hidden waste
  • Helps skimmers perform better
  • Dissolves sludge, increasing ORP levels
  • 100% natural
  • 100% safe for all reef tanks

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