Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic 250ml

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Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic 250ml

Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic provides a universal nutrient supply for all planted aquariums. Figuratively speaking, it is the all-rounder among aquarium plant fertilizers. 

Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic is ideal for all normal, planted community aquariums especially also beginner aquariums and children's aquariums. Typical for these aquaria is a planting of approx. 50% of the bottom surface with various plant species, including some fast-growing stem plants.

Dosage: Weekly 10ml Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic per 50L aquarium water. 

  • Complete nutrient supply for aquarium plants
  • Universal nutrient supply for all aquaria
  • With all important nutrients and trace elements
  • For splendid plants and strong colors
  • Immediate and long-term effect
  • Optimized according to nature‘s example

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