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Colombo FloraBase Pro Plant Growth Coarse 2.5L / 5L / 10L

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Colombo FloraBase Pro Plant Growth Coarse 2.5L / 5L / 10L

FloraBase Pro is a unique base, made in Japan. Rich in nutrients, the open structure provides for healthy plant roots and the pellets retain their shape without disintegrating.

This unique base reduces and stabilizes the pH value to 6. With a pH of 6 there is a sufficient amount of CO2 available for optimal healthy plant growth and allows for CO2 absorption of approximately 80%. Any higher pH level than this and the absorption % decreases significantly.

Starting a new aquarium is much easier when FloraBase Pro is used. When the pH is under 7, the ammonia excreted by fish will form as ammonium instead of the toxic ammoniac.
You can make your base by using solely FloraBase Pro and their is no need to cover the FloraBase with gravel. Alternatively you can use Colombo NutriBase and cover this with a layer of FloraBase Pro to provide a maximum level of nutrients for plants.

Shrimps and for example, Discus fish prefer a pH value of around 6. These animals love FloraBase Pro and it is recommended for use by many aquascaping experts.

FloraBase Pro Fine approximate size: 2-4mm
Bag size fills the following areas at 5cm depths:

2.5L bag: 20 x 25cm
5L bag: 40 x 25cm
10L bag: 65 x 30cm

A unique plant growth base made in Japan
Rich in nutrients providing healthy plant roots
The pellets retain their shape and do not disintegrate
Reduces and stabilizes the PH value to 6
FloraBase Pro can be used in its own, no need for a gravel layer
Recommended for use by aquascaping experts

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