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Ciano Water Treatment GH 100ml

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Ciano Aquarium Water Treatment GH 100ml

Ciano Water Treatment GH is a liquid aquarium additive used to add minerals that are indespensable for good water quality and healthy fish.
GH should be adjusted to the aquariums requirements to ensure there is enough in the water for the best health of the aquarium.
Raises the total hardness of the water in a precise and safe manner.

Why use Ciano Water Treatment GH?
Add the minerals that are indespensable for good quality water and healthy fish.
The GH value should be higher than 3 degrees dGH and adapted to the biotope of the aquarium.
Contains calcium and magnesium.
Easy to use and cost effective.

Dosage Instructions
10ml per 40L (always dose to the total volume of the aquarium).

Essential for aquarium health
For freshwater & tropical aquariums
Fast acting
Easy to use and cost effective
For aquariums up to 400L

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