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Ciano Dechlorinator 100ml

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Ciano Aquarium Water Treatment Conditioner Dechlorinator 100ml

Ciano Water Treatment Conditioner Dechlorinator is a liquid aquarium additive that quickly neutralises toxic substances such as chlorine in tap water and heavy metals to ensure the water is safe for your fish.
This is done using natural extracts which are usually in the environment of the fish but not in the aquarium.
Quickly turn tap water into healthy water for your aquarium.

Why use Ciano Water Treatment Conditioner Dechlorinator?
Quickly neutralises toxic substances such as chlorine and heavy metals and has a lasting effect.
Protects the gills, skin and fins of the fish with extracts of natural substances and indespensable vitamins which the fish are used to in their natural biotope.
Reduces stress and the risk of disease in the fish.
Helps ensure correct initiation of the aquarium.
Easy to use and cost effective.

Dosage Instructions
10ml per 40L (always dose to the total volume of the aquarium).

Dechlorinates tap water
Includes fish protection
For use with freshwater & tropical aquariums
Easy to use & cost effective water treatment
Fast acting
For aquariums up to 400L



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